China: Britain’s Biggest Long-Term Threat

Allah's Willing Executioners

“If the question is which state will be shaping our world across the next decade providing big opportunities and big challenges for the UK, the answer is China,” Britain’s new MI5 Director Ken McCallum recentlytoldjournalists. He added that Russia is currently “providing bursts of bad weather, while China is changing the climate”. McCallum said that countries such as China and Russia were no longer focused just on traditional espionage activities, such as stealing government secrets, but also on targeting Britain’s economy, infrastructure and academic research, while seeking to undermine its democracy.

“The UK wants to co-operate with China on the big global issues like climate change, while at the same time being robust in confronting covert hostile activity when we come across it,” hesaid. “[MI5 is] looking to do more against Chinese activity, carefully prioritised.”

That China targets the economy, infrastructure and even the democracy of…

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