‘The New Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen Recently Wrote an Essay on Foreign Influence in US Elections – This Tells Us A Little About His Knowledge of What’s Going On Today’ – AND THE TIMING OF BARR’S “RESIGNATION” – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

[Published atAmerica’sCivilWarRising.org]


PATRIOTS, one needn’t be a chess player to recognize when all the intricate pieces are moving into place to capture the opposing force(s) — in this case, America’s enemy combatants, domestic and foreign. 

AS repeatedly stated at these pages, President Trump is gearing up to invoke his duty-bound Constitutional obligation, that is, to ensure that election integrity is preserved for “WE THE PEOPLE” via remedying/rectifying the “2020 electoral steal!” In so doing, the American Republic will be saved for generations to come. Period.

ALAS, at this most pivotal and crucial juncture in the nation’s history, it behooves reiterating, as many times as it takes, the basic building blocks upon which President Trump’s primary/authentic standing rests — as opposed to the so-called “lack of standing” upon which the cowardly SCOTUS rested its decision, thus, summarily tossing a most judicious lawsuit…

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