AOC Gets Zipped

The Lone Cactus

You probably didn’t hear about this on any of the Mainstream Socialist Media, but Alexandria Cortez, the Representative from New York’s 14th Congressional District got aced out of a prime committee the other day by another New Yorker.

Cortez was trying to get a seat on the rather powerful and prestigious Energy and Commerce Committee. But the 59 House Democrats that decide those things sent her a chilly rebuke, choosing instead by a 46-13 vote Kathleen Rice of the New York 4th District (Hempstead, Long Island).

Now, the “official” word was that AOC didn’t garner enough votes because she spends her time railing how the Democrats in Congress aren’t liberal enough. She doesn’t have the relationships of those on the committee that selects these folks to make a difference. That’s as opposed to Rice, who courted members of the committee and had many flowering seconding speeches during her nomination.


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