Marc Elias, Democrat Lawyer Behind Russia ‘Dossier,’ Involved in Seven Lawsuits over Georgia Senate Runoff – A “FIXER”; GUN FOR HIRE! By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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IF one tries to conjure up the facsimile of a “gun-for-hire” — by definition, one who operates sans any ethical and moral constraints — in the legal field, more specifically, political law, few “measure” up to Marc Elias, the go-to Demster!

AN adept, ethically-challenged, mega high-priced lawyer, is it any wonder that he is the top choice of the Demsters — where NO line is too illegal to cross, and where “dark money” is endless and hardly a factor of concern? Rhetorical.

SO much so, a mere ten days ago, he was featured in a scathing expose’ —  one which only the worst of the worst are granted such full-on treatment. A “super-star”, of sorts.

Report: Longtime Democrat Strategist Masterminding the 2020 Election Steal – PERKINS COIE IN THE THICK VIA MARC ELIAS!

TO wit, the bottom line is this: If anyone is…

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