Waiting … the start


This is, of course, Christmas week. and this is the prequel to Jessica’s historical romance (a Harlot’s Tale) telling a plausible story of Mary Magdalene. Is it true, well, who knows? It strikes me as more plausible than some things we have loved such as the story of Judah ben Hur. Jessica does, I have found, this better than anyone I have read with female Biblical characters, so enjoy.

In a perhaps related note, tonight the planets of Jupiter and Saturn will line up to produce what may be the Star of Bethlehem for the first time since just before dawn on March 4, 1226. You can see it tonight in the southwest sky about 45 minutes after sunset. Neo.

The wind sent a chill through my shawl. I was glad of it, and that I had worn warm clothes under it; this was no time for worrying about appearance…

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