For $54K Per Year “The Dalton School” Will Radicalize Your Child Into a Violent Anti-American Protester + Cornell Just Made The COVID Vaccine All About “Race” – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki



KNOWING more than a thing or two or three about over-priced preparatory day schools, their counterparts in the high school system, and the inside and outside of top-tier academic institutions across the American landscape, this much can be taken to the bank: Most are not even worth the wildly-hyped sheepskin’s they hand out, never mind the over-inflated sticker prices! On the other hand, there are a (paltry) few which deliver the goods and are more than worth the investment, but let’s leave that for another discussion. Regardless, do trust this personal (and professional) assessment  — “social justice warrior” brainwashers, be damned.

THAT being established, the best advice offered at this end  — again, from a “been there. done that” perspective — is derived from a long-standing axiom: BUYER BEWARE!!

SIMPLY put, when examined from a parental-consumer lens and calculus, all angles must be considered…

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