“Anti-Racist Grading” Means Not Expecting Kids to Know 2 + 2 = 4

Allah's Willing Executioners

If you thought public schools were now, wait until they go full critical race theory.

Here’s a preview of “anti-racist grading”. What’s anti-racist grading? The math on that simple. Anything you attach “anti-racist” isnullified. Thus “anti-racist policing” means no policing. Anti-racist carpet cleaners make your carpets dirty instead.

And anti-racist teaching? Since none of you are the products of anti-racist education, I’m sure you can already figure that equation out. But here’sthe work shown.

One thing we understand from Universal Design for Learning is that there are multiple ways a kid can express their knowing. And so if you know2+2=4, one way you can express your knowing is by writing it. Another way you can express your knowing is by discussing it. A third way is by creating a model that shows it. A fourth way is by illustrating it and a fifth way is by performing a…

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