2020: A New Media Would LOVE To Forget

The Lone Cactus

I’ve always felt that having spent my adult life in media, the one true way you could judge the media isn’t ratings, because quite frankly, those are easily manipulated (and yes…I’ve done so). But it’s looking at what they’ve reported, claimed was fact, and found out later to be false, or made up. The phrase “Fake News” entered our lexicon in the last four or five years, and the media did nothing to stop it’s expansion this year. Here are some stories (God knows, not all!) that the media would rather forget covering in 2020:

Media Celebrates Impeachment: When the House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump, even though everyone in the country knew there was nothing to it, the left-wing MSM celebrated the fact and covered it wall to wall. As we found out later, when the actual transcripts were released that Adam Schiff didn’t have proof of…

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