Was The Nashville Explosion Actually a Missile Strike? – THE SCUTTLEBUTT IN THE INTEL COMMUNITY IS: IT’S 2020 SERVER RELATED!! [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


NOsooner didterror strike at the heart of downtown Nashville— more specifically, in front of the AT&T complex with all of its satellite apparatuses — that the phone blew up at this end. Mind you, these calls were not from friends, relatives, etc., but via main professional contacts, that is, Intel guys whose ears are (more than) clued to ground!!

NOW,each discussion was, more or less, along the same refrain — even though they have no contact with one another! How can this be?

WELL,it seems that “underground” types knew that the now demolished complex housed election-connected servers, etc. — most intrinsically, data seized from the raid in Hamburg, Germany! For backgrounder, read…..

Lt. General McInerney Says “Kraken” is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion (AZ) – FLESHES OUT COUP & HINTS AT MORE! [EXPLOSIVE AUDIO & VIDEO]

RIGHTLYso, a question becomes:…

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