Random Observations


[We’ve been a little unfair to Audre lt week, moving her posts about and then flat bumping Random Observations, which has become her signature piece, so we’re going to run them today. In fact, I have decided to combine two of them to start getting us back on track. So enjoy, Neo]

Artificial emphasis. Been watching – oh, heavens, don’t ask me why – some videos of politicians speaking at outdoor events or gatherings. What is common is the speaker, of whatever ilk, shouting into the microphone. Why do they all shout? Why are these people so agitated, why are they so angry? For the most part, they are not raving lunatics (for the most part)(maybe)(well …), they are simply unable to hear themselves because they are outside. Entertainers wear that ear thing to help blot out external noise so they can hear themselves and make sure they are on…

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