ISRAEL’S DERELICT LEADERS; A MIRROR IMAGE OF U.S. COUNTERPARTS – Elderly Lives ‘Sacrificed’: Nursing Home COVID Testing Falters + Israel’s One Millionth COVID Vaccine Given to Murderer, Pictured With Bibi – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki



AS an American-Israeli — proudly counted among the so-called “deplorables”, as well as Israel’s right-wing Zionist faction — there is no patience for political/elitist liars, as if their words are derived and delivered from Mount Sinai. Understood?  

IT is this insistence on straight-talk which can be found throughout a compendium of this writer’s body of work, that is, investigative journalism. Simply put, the mantra within is: Let the crap hit the fan, wherever it lands. Naturally, this elicits much anger from many quarters. Who cares.

AS such, even while fellow patriots are up in arms over the “weaponization” of covid stats — throughout the echelons of the DemocRAT Mafia and their mouthpieces in the corporate media complex — adding insult to injury, they are forced to beat back against the theft of the century; the electoral steal! Similarly, Israelis are fed up with…

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