Precarious US, Iranian Military Buildup on Eve of Soleimani Killing Anniversary – COULD THIS BE TIED INTO: Potential Iranian Assassin Plot Triggered Trump’s Departure Of Mar-A-Lago? By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


THOSE of us steeped in the bloody muck of Islamic Jihad and its netherworld of proxy terror, coupled with a solid grounding in geo-politics — more specifically, the linkages between Islamic/green forces and revolutionary/reds —  are better positioned to recognize the signs and to connect the dots to various hydra-like entities.

IN this regard, know this: The long and short arms of Iran’s proxy forces have a decades-long presence throughout the world. No more so than within its Latin American forward bases — in tandem with deeply burrowed terror cells scattered throughout the United States. Take it to the bank.

AS such, when one calibrates the (more than likely) truth behind the report of an Iranian hit placed on President Trump — thus, causing his abrupt return from Mar-A-Lago to the (highly fortified) White House — well, the following analysis from (Jerusalem-based) DEBKAFILE Military Intelligence…

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