Did Twitter cut its own throat in banning President Trump?

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Monica Showalter

Was banning President Trump good for Twitter, given its pious partisan reasons? Trump, after all, had tens of millions of followers, and getting rid of him means less traffic to the site. Did banning Trump enhance Twitter’s shareholder value? Or did it putTwitter a few steps closer to going the way of MySpace?

It’s too soon to say at this point, but there’s oodles of evidence thatthe picture isn’t pretty.

Take the company’s stock price. Which way did it go after they banned Trump? Down.

Here’s a thumbnail from a Google search of howits stock performed:

It went down 1.61% at the close of business yesterday, shortly after the news of its ban came out, and then went down nearly three times as much, losing 3.77% in the overseas and after-hours markets. This, on a day when mostsocial media companies were neither ina down dayor a…

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