Time To Come Clean (Round 2)

The Lone Cactus

With all of the protest and taking over the Capitol that we saw yesterday, it hit me. Who is really to blame for all of this? There is only one person that is to blame for all of this, and this is going to anger some of you. To you I say put your big boys pants on. It’s time to grow up and be an adult.

Donald Trump is to blame.

The reason Trump is to blame for what happened at the US Capitol yesterday is simple. Instead of being conciliatory, instead of being an adult, he was a petulant child. He refused to concede an election that he lost. Over 42 different courts of law, at all levels (including the United States Supreme Court which has three Trump appointees) found that there was no “theft” of election as Trump intimated. Judges from four different presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama…

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