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This article states these 13 family bloodlines are a “THEORY”…….. that it’s goal is to rule the world. But the fact is it is not a “theory”…….it is real, it is true. They in fact have influenced/controlled nearly the entire world for nearly 1,000 years. They are in fact Satanic, and have had a close connection with the Vatican. They have robbed the world of it’s wealth, and accumulated enough that could actually provide for the entire world. They are a sick, blood thirsty organization. They lure and bribe politicians, entertainers etc. into their cultic society. World domination is their goal. Human trafficking is a major profit hobby, along with child sacrificing. Many house hold names you are familiar with and admired participate in their sick rituals. They have funded most of the wars for many, many years.

I am not prepared to tell you when, how or who have…

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