OMG: GUESS What ‘Job’ KAMALA’s KID Got After She Was ‘Elected’ … AYFKM? COME ON, WOMAN – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


WHILE some might snicker and find the following report amusing — as well as none too important in the scheme of things — well, its basis underscores the absolute rot within power politics. Yes, it does.

NOT to put a too fine point on the obvious, or to appear mean-spirited, the questions which immediately spring to mind become: Firstly, are the modeling scouts in need of eye check-ups? Secondly, which category will Cammie-the-Commie’s step-daughter represent: Will it be the she, the he, the he-she, or combinations thereof? These are serious questions, considering this moment in time. No kidding.

BUT aside from the below pictorials, let’s be honest, the lack of eye-pleasing aesthetics, what about the optics of it all? Besides, doesn’t step–mama realize that cashing in on her VP position bespeaks of a tone-deafness that is way beyond the pale? Come on, woman…..

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