Super bowl halftime enchantment, Luciferin – New World Order RESET, transhumanism in your face and red jackets symbolizing what? Someone was going to be blue pilled and masked to obey if they had their way. I say ‘WAS’ because I know how this ends. It won’t end in their favor for it is written that God’s people win in the end. That is not to say there won’t be a shaking and a battle, the battle has been raging and we have not even recognized it until it became so lawless that we are now facing extinction as a nation.

Image result for superbowl halftime show 2021

Therefore, I rebuke their evil in the name of Yeshua! I couldn’t even watch it all for it was so evil. So those who think this is art….go spirit cook somewhere else. It is in our face and the reason why we are in such a state of destruction. And…

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