You shall be my people and I shall be your God…


The seeds of confusion were sown, watered and the confusion grew into a wide array of teachings, all from the same so called sources. Yet, who can see the man made interpretations within? Only God can show you the truths from the lies. It is for each to see by searching the scriptures for yourself. But when words are omitted and or transcribed using a word that can change a meaning…and add to that someone interpreting it differently than another, we have a big bone of contention.

The seven messages to the churches in Revelation are analogous to the warnings that Old Testament Israel received from their prophets when Israel failed in their role as God’s representatives on earth. God was angered by Israel’s idolatries and He sent prophets warning them to repent. These warnings were neglected by Israel, which resulted in the terrible persecution they received during the invasion…

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