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School closed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (virus picture fromhere (wikipedia.org))

Who is fighting to keep Virginia’s schools closed? That is what this article, Virginia Teachers Unions Fight to Keep Schools Closed | National Review, talks about. Here is how the article starts.

For months, Virginia teachers unions have peddled fear: Reopening public schools for in-person learning was and is too dangerous.

They’ve advocated delaying reopening schools until all teachers – and possibly all students – received a COVID-19 vaccine. In January, a Republican-sponsored state Senate bill requiring school districts to offer parents both in-person and virtual options drew a dour response. Forcing schools to open, the unions said, was a “BAD idea.”

“We can recover from a loss of learning, but we can’t recover from a loss of life,” Virginia Education Association president James J. Feddermantold a local TV stationearlier this month, more than a…

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