The latest on the vax, shared by Juan O Savin, who received it from Nicholas Veniamin, host of THE NICHOLAS VENIAMIN SHOW out of the United Kingdom. I had to pass this on. It was the most common sense and scientific smack back at the pushers of an unproven vaccine that alters DNA. It is proving to be an experiment on humanity by the great merchants of the earth to achieve their ultimate agenda and get what they always wanted, live human lab rats. Remember, to these sick people you are disposable and they don’t care what happens to you as long as they get to play Dr. Frankenstein long enough to figure out what they can create out of you.

JUAN O SAVIN, [21.02.21 08:31][Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin]Someone sent this to me …This is powerful “I’ve had my vaqine and I feel fine.”This is the uneducated and ignorant defence…

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