In The event you missed it: President Trump’s CPAC Presentation: Transcript included

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 28th, 2021

President Trump gave a barn burner of a speech at CPAC this afternoon.

He didn’t spend as much time on his administrations past accomplishments.

When he did it was in contrast to the abject failure of Biden’s first two months.

Biden is the great pretender and little else.

Trump challenged Biden to get children back to school.

Trump also blasted the RINO’S within the party and suggest that they be removed from office using primary challenges.

The President got off message when he went into a rant about how the election was stolen.

He made no serious or promises that he would run in 2024, yet he certainly didn’t rule it out.

He spent a great deal of time discussing exactly who woeful the Biden administration is dead set on destroying America.

One thing is certain, he exposed Joe Biden for the complete fraud…

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