Capitol Police Increased Security Based on Suspicious ‘Intel’ Warning of Militia Plot to Breach Capitol on March 4 – MEANWHILE, NATIONAL GUARD MISTREATED & SICKENED! WHAT’S GOING ON? [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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BY now, few fail to recognize that the barbed-wire encircling the Capitol in D.C. is nothing short of a third-world depiction of a militarized encampment, that is, other than the deaf, dumb, and blind. Clear as a bell.

NOT only that, those who, supposedly, are tasked to protect the Capitol from so-called right-wing militias — dog-whistle and code for patriots and supporters of the MAGA Movement — are treated more akin to mangy, rabid canines than protectors of the Capitol! How can this be?

WHISTLEBLOWER! More Than One Dozen National Guard Troops Hospitalized in DC…Not What You Think

WELL, long story short — and regardless of all the lies and spin-meistering — the below is a brief encapsulation of the true underbelly of ‘Fort Pelosi & Co.!’

Trump Drops Truth Bomb On ‘Fort Pelosi’! Interview Answer Tells Real Truth Of The Capitol Fence….The…

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