Final Infrastructure Bill No Where Near Biden’s Wish List

The Lone Cactus

When Joe Biden released his wish list infrastructure bill, it included $2.3 trillion in new spending. While that figure is huge, and really a budget buster, it wasn’t the problem. The main problem came in as to how Biden was defining the word “infrastructure”. And while the House of Representatives would pass anything sent to it from the White House, pretty much along party lines, the Senate is a different story.

Republicans have been meeting with Biden, telling him that $2.3 trillions wasn’t going to fly. Especially when only 5% of the spending was going to go toward actual infrastructure spending. You know…things like roads, bridges, airports, that sort of thing? Biden’s original plan had all sorts of stuff that ranged from Green New Deal efforts, to union kickbacks, and “jobs creation” that ballooned the figure beyond reason.

After the first few meetings, Biden’s team dropped the cost from $2.3…

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