OOPS! Notre Dame Slaps Down Biden!

The Lone Cactus

It hasn’t been what I’d call a “long-standing tradition”. But it has in fact become a tradition. Notre Dame, that Catholic school in South Bend, Indiana, has been inviting the President of the United States to speak at their commencement during his first year in office. They did so with George W. Bush in 2001. They did so with Bobo Obama back in 2009, and they did it with Joe Biden this year.

Except they’ve had a change of heart.

See, most students that attend Notre Dame are Catholic, which makes sense. And in the Catholic church, abortion is not allowed. It’s a sin. And while the students raised a ruckus with Obama speaking back in 2009, he did actually speak. What’s interesting is that the nation’s first Catholic president, John F. Kennedy was never invited to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement. Neither was Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, or Richard…

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