Tiananmen 32 Years Ago Today

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

June 4, 2021

The Communist Party of China is the ultimate authority in the country.

Has anything changed since 50 years ago?

With its dictatorial rule it has created more dissidents especially among the college aged students.

The young dissident in the video below is saying he is going on holiday, but by his attitude is goal is to end up in a country that will allow him to have more freedom.

Stock photograph of a young Asian woman, pointing at, and learning from, global data displayed on a la

The young woman above is learning her spy craft at a U.S. University, and will likely disappear with within the U.S. with the help of other Chinese spies trying to gather information to relay back to CHINA

Forget about the United States, our government has educated too many spies as it is and we are…

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