Covid Transitioning To Climate “Emergency”

PA Pundits International

By Peter Murphy~

The Covid-19 emergency was real and short-term. The broad-based, rather than targeted, responses made it worse for the country. Covid is only a warm-up for the so-called “climate emergency,” which is fake. The climate proposals by so many politicians, activists and media mavens for this fabricated “emergency” will be long-term destructive for America.

The Covid-19 pandemic is dissipating after raging for more than a year. Data on new infections, hospitalizations and deaths have sharply declined in this calendar year and vaccines have been taken by one-third of the country and counting. With the hoped for demise of the coronavirus rapidly approaching, more politicians will have to relinquish their unchecked “emergency” power over society.

Or, will they? A climate emergency beckons.

Politicians, starting with our mask-wearing, vaccinated President, Joe Biden, and governors such as California’s Gavin Newsom and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, are dragging out Covid restrictions. The…

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