Watch The Moment Israeli Children Are Told Masks No Longer Required [VIDEO] + EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

AS per a real-time, eyewitness account, as well as stated for the record: this writer happened to be in attendance at a local elementary school in Israel — an invited guest by her significant other, since his granddaughter starred in a year-end play. So sweet.

WELL, in the midst of the fun-filled festivities, this bunch of otherwise raucous first-graders stood at rapt attention, that is, when the principal intoned — in a most “hop-to-it” voice — over the school loudspeaker: she has a very important and exciting announcement to make!

SUFFICE to say: the aforementioned kiddies had the very same reaction as the following bunch….beyond jubilant. Very likely, this scenario repeated itself throughout classroom after classroom….

BTW, while Hebrew is a second language for this writer, there is no language requirement to understand the linked video — it crosses all barriers!!

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