Anna Vanbellinghen “Fully Supports Trans Community”. (She Gets What She Deserves, Then)

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Anna Vanbellinghen “Fully Supports Trans Community”. (She Gets What She Deserves, Then)

Anna Van Bellinghen (-81 kg) pakt EK-goud in trekken en bron... - Het  Nieuwsblad Mobile

This is what, power-lifter Anna V said recently on the decision to allow a MAN to compete in women’s sports at in the Olympics:

“First off, I would like to stress that I fully support the transgender community, and that what I’m about to say doesn’t come from a place of rejection of this athlete’s identity,” Vanbellinghen said earlier this month. “I am aware that defining a legal frame for transgender participation in sports is very difficult since there is an infinite variety of situations, and that reaching an entirely satisfactory solution, from either side of the debate, is probably impossible.”

Anna will probably be competing against Laurel Hubbard, a former men’s weightlifting competitor who now ‘identities’ as a woman.

1st: Ya See, Anna, you can’t have it both ways. If you support these type men…

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