This opportunist has no end to his hustles ……

The Goomba Gazette

Obama ethics chief: Biden selling art at ‘obviously inflated prices’ to mystery buyers has ‘grifty’ feel

Walter Shaub warns about risk of ‘influence-seekers funneling money to the Biden family’

Talk about riding on your old mans coattails!! The BOY wrote the book on it.

In a comment to the press, Walter Shaub, the former Office of Government Ethics director under Obama, said that the lucrative arrangement has a “shameful and grifty feeling to it.”

One thing Mr Shaub is forgetting; #parasites like Biden have #no-shame. They will run over their granny with an 18 wheeler, backup, do it again and then steal her purse.

This BOY has done so many shameful things in this life they are too numerous to count; specially #shacking-up with his #dead-brother #slut wife.

For those that did not know it; J J and his wife the doctor gave that arrangement their blessings. ANDDD; they…

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