Repent America. We ARE Under Divine Judgment.

The Mad Jewess

Repent America. We ARE Under Divine Judgment.

Repent! - Calvary Baptist Church of Holden

Everywhere one looks, judgment from the Lord, our God, the holy one of Israel, the almighty, the ONE who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who reigns high above all the earth, the everlasting to everlasting, blessed be HE.

There are grasshoppers, ‘mega’ droughts, flooding, hail, earthquakes, division of the people, insufferable heat in places where there was no heat. Crops have gone dry and the fools still say: “There is no God”.

HE is judging this nation from the east to the west, from the north to the south. We have thrown God out and corporately traded the Holy One for slavery. We are not free. The nations mock at us and we ARE a hiss word amongst other people’s.

Stop raising your fists to the almighty Lord, creator of Heaven and earth and TURN from your wicked and evil ways.

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