Six Months Later…

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden has been in office about 12.5% of his term. In that time, what has he done? What hasn’t he done that he promised to do? Will he be able to actually do it? And can he ever assign his Vice President a task that she can actually accomplish? Those, are the questions!

Well, besides spending money like a drunken sailor in port after 6 months at sea, Biden hasn’t really done a whole lot. Yes, he just started sending out COVID stimulus checks #4. Oh…you didn’t get one? You didn’t know about it? You don’t have kids under the age of 18? Tough luck Charlie! You just contributed to growing families in our country.

Joe also went ahead and sent out $300/week to the unemployed. He cancelled $55 million dollars in student loan debt, though he promised $10,000 per student. It was nowhere close, and he did get…

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