Heaven… I’m In Heaven..

The Mad Jewess

By:MJW, Dance in Heaven

The events make me sick. So, I really try to think of eternal life in Heaven. Dancing with the Lord. Laughing with Jesus. Thinking about no more pain, sickness, depression, tears, anger, strife. Just weightless joy.

Here on earth…not so much. We have to resist and keep resisting. Fight for our spirits and souls. I pray for all of you, my commenters, Mobius, Koo, Joseph, Alvin, Saints, Kokanee, MadMedic, Boudica bob, Lon, Saints, Geir and all of you who comment here. I pray that God would give you a face of flint.

Mobius told me to pace myself so thats what I am gonna do. OR, try to do.

Some enjoyment:

Some rock for Jesus:

Some for our Orthodox and RW, fellow Jewish brethren:

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