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Dr Fauci Dr Death

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Dr Fauci Dr Death

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Time For CNN To Bounce Cuomo?

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I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for media companies that are loyal to their employees. Now, saying that, realize that not every media employee is a gem. There are an awful…

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UK Relying On Europe For A Fifth Of Its Power

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By Paul Homewood ? h/t Dennis Ambler ? ? https://gridwatch.co.uk/demand We’re currently relying on Europe for 16% of our electricity, as wind power plummets once again. Last night the proportion…

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What happens when the technocrats hold all the cards?

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The below article by Patrick Wood is a must read. Like Patrick, I have for the last 18 months steered my coverage almost exclusively to the government-corporate-religious response to the pandemic. Why? Because, like Patrick,…

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It’s a Moslem Thing 8-27-2021

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Via TROP This Day in History    On This Day… Aug 27, 1979: Gwoza, Iran Dozens of elderly people are slaughtered by Sharia proponents: 75 Killed

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