What happens when the technocrats hold all the cards?


The below article by Patrick Wood is a must read.

Like Patrick, I have for the last 18 months steered my coverage almost exclusively to the government-corporate-religious response to the pandemic. Why? Because, like Patrick, I immediately saw this as something more than a health crisis. It represents the triggering event that the world’s most powerful families are using to change the post-World War II global order — away from a U.S.-based, dollar-based, capitalist-based, Judeo-Christian-based system and toward a China-based, digital money-based, total surveillance technocracy.

This new beast system, or new world order, rejects and denigrates every core value that underpins the old order and will not relent until all resisters are either killed, sickened or otherwise subdued. Yes, they are that ruthless and that determined to bring in this new system. We have entered a very dangerous stage, where these elites believe they have arrived at a long-awaited…

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