Post Mortem On The Texas “Rebellion”

The Lone Cactus

The Democrats have returned to Texas. In one of the worst thought out displays of protests in recent memory, the plane loaded with Democrats from Austin returned sans Miller Lite to face the music this past week. And immediately the Texas House passed the new voting rights legislation that caused the slackers to turn tail and run immediately.

So much for a great plan!

Of course, Democrats never admit they are wrong when it comes to anything. And these idiots didn’t either. They said they accomplished their task because it drew national attention to Texas and what they were doing to voters’ rights. So, before I get into why this was such a bone-headed idea, let’s look at what the Texas voting rights law actually says, shall we?

First, if you’re mailing in a ballot, you still need to show ID, which is what you need if you’re voting in…

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