Plans to ARREST the UnVaxxed, Elderly Discarded for “Health” (Video)

Plans to ARREST the UnVaxxed, Elderly Discarded for “Health”

boudica us Published January 11, 20222 Views
RumbleThe Stew Peters Show (January 10, 2022)

Under the latest state health order in California, just to visit a nursing home, a guest must be fully vaccinated and fully boosted, and they must produce a negative Covid test on top of that. Fran Austin is an elderly Christian woman currently trapped in an outpatient facility in California. She’s basically been abandoned by her family; nobody visited on Christmas, and nobody called. Michael Jackson is an RN in California who has taken an interest in Fran’s case. He joins us

Team Enigma is back at it again with more information bombs about the bioweapon clot-shot. Dr. Jane Ruby joins us to discuss this new development.

Our state governments have become demented. Precisely because the vaccines aren’t working well, they can’t think of…

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