My Vision/Dream From The LORD Of The Grim Reaper

The Mad Jewess

My Vision/Dream From The LORD Of The Grim Reaper

This is exactly as he appeared in my dream:

Grim Reaper Death GIF

On November 9th 2021, I had a vision/dream from the LORD of the Grim Reaper:

I saw the Grim Reaper. He had a long cape on. He was tall and dresseddarkly. He had the long sickle in his hand.

The wind was at his back, pushing him forward. He walked as if nothing could deter him.


I am really sickened by what we see daily – but I feel I must tell my few readers that we are going to be seeing a massive amount of death. I believe in the millions. The vaccines and boosters are kicking in and murdering humans left and right.

  • At the gym, we have a married couple that are our friends. The wife’s brother died shortly after he received the 2nd vax shot. My…

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