Democracy always leads to failure. Socialism, Communism always leads to failure. Our founders had the best answer (so far) and that is in the USA being a constitutional representative republic. In a democracy the majority has the power tje minority be damned. In our form of government the majority has the power with the exception that the rights of the minority are protected by our constitution. Never give that up. The government is not your friend.
Whether it is Putin, Trump, Biden, Obama, Macron, Trudeau or Hitler, the question remains the same,
Why do the people elect representatives who have fun, in an egotistical power relationship (when they are not puppets) to decide for their future ?
The most ANTI-DEMOCRATIC act we can do is to vote for a representative who will decide for us.
Democracy, from the Greek DEMOS KRATOS, means POWER OF THE PEOPLE, but when people…

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