My Favorite WORSHIP Songs & We NEED This Now

The Mad Jewess

My Favorite WORSHIP Songs & We NEED This Now

I really, really miss powerful worship services. It’s like they just ‘died off’. It’s so upsetting. We used to go to Fellowship…we would praise and worship and the whole place was FILLED with the glory of the LORD. It was so thick with God’s mighty Holy Spirit that you could cut it! People would run to the altar to receive Yeshua/Jesus as their Messiah and Savior.

At any rate.. I wanted to share my absolute favorite one:

“Hosanna, Hosanna, In the highest”

If you want to weep your eyes out, hear this one:

Dallas Holm…. “RISE AGAIN!” Hallelujah!

After you listen to these…it doesn’t matter what the reprobates and apostates do….


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