Praise The Lord ANYHOW – This WILL Touch YOU:

The Mad Jewess


I have been suffering one spiritual attack after the next. Even my doubting-Thomas 100% Jewish husband admits that he ‘sees satan attacking me’. In the last few weeks, Ive had a stomach infection, then I came down with a women’s infection (from the anti-biotics), then I had to change BP meds and that made me topsy-turvy, then my chemicals are off and I started suffering horrible depression and could NOT stop sleeping.. I had to add more seratonin pills. THEN, I started breaking out in the hives and it is PAINFUL!!! Ive had about 7 breakouts now. Thank God, these Hives come and go. Finally, today, I feel like a little break came.

At any rate, please pray for me to withstand this satanic cruelty against my physical body.

Here are great songs to get YOU thru it if you feel lousy and need a touch!

THIS will touch…

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