Great Book I’ve Read: “Heaven Is So Real”. I Totally LOVE It!

The Mad Jewess

Great Book I’ve Read: “Heaven Is So Real”. I Totally LOVE It!

I’ve read this book that is so fabulous. It’s the story about a Korean lady who visited Heaven MANY times. I am not going to divulge more because, simply put – you will take great joy in reading this book! You dont have to be of any sect of religious faith to sit and read it. Determine how you feel or how it touches you all by yourself :) All I know is that – the lady who wrote it SAW it ALL. It bears witness in my spirit.

Here it is:

I also had a visit to Heaven a couple of years ago during a very low point in my life. Here are my testimonies: Click

Part 2 Of My Trip ToHeaven:

Last Part of my trip…

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