Brittney Griner and Russian justice system v USA

Brittney Griner and Russian justice system v USA.

Don’t condemn the Russian justice system unless you address the Steve Bannon trial and condemn the January 6 clown show being carried out now.

Don’t criticize the treatment of Brittney Griner without first addressing the 1000’s of non-violent marijuana users incarcerated in the USA.

Our government and justice system isn’t a joke it’s a nightmare and this Biden administration is every bit as evil as the left brands Putin and the Russian government. In fact it is worse. We know Putin loves Russia whereas this leftist/Democrat Biden bunch hate and are intentionally trying to destroy the USA while self proclaimed Republicans stand by with their heads up there asses doing nothing. Don’t tell me they’re in the minority, they have had the majority and everytime blew it. Comments please and please share.

Bob A.

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