Poem I Wrote: “End Of The Ages” – Turn To GOD.

The Mad Jewess

End Of The Ages

The end is at hand,

The end is here,

No more laughter,

Only Tears.

No more ‘good times’

Only Fears.

The rebellion is over,

The revolution fell flat,

The “Age of Aquarius”,

Is a worn out welcome mat.

The reprobates are finished,

The taglines are done,

The moon has turned to blood,

And, darkness has covered the sun.

Floods fill the land,

Souls have grown dim,

Wickedness is exposed,

Hearts are black in sin.

Quakes & volcanoes,

Hail & rain,

Minds are numb,

Bodies writhe in pain.

Punctured by shots,

The braindead fall,

Reprobates won’t repent,

Their cries have hit the wall.

The genocide continues,

WW3 marches on,

The elites will hide in caves,

Our prayers have finally won.

Turn to JESUS,

Before it’s too late,

Let HIS life be your goal,

Or hell will be your fate.

  • Warning: The current catastrophes are NOT going to…

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