THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD! GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Removes Commie DON LEMON Off Prime time:

The Mad Jewess

THIS IS THE LORD. GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Takes Commie Jerk DON LEMON Off Prime time:

All this clown talked about was ‘racist this and racist that.’ That’s all these Commies care about and use as a tool to shut up opposition: “THATS RACIST!”

CNN’s left-wing, Communist, agitator and host Don Lemon will end his primetime show, “Don Lemon Tonight,” and move to mornings the network announced.

Last year, the Lord put it strongly on my heart along with the commenters here to pray that the media would be destroyed. Thank you LORD, YOU can do ANYTHING! Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & TheMedia

The spirit of the LORDshowed our blog friend, TIM SHEY in 2015 that:The Lord Will Judge theMedia!

Thank you, Lord for removing these creeps. Let the next batch of Commies shrivel up also, in Jesus/Yeshua’s mighty name

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