Brian Stelter Convicted …. ANOTHER Pedo Bagged!

Adina Kutnicki

Conservatives mock Brian Stelter after CNN cancels his show Reliable  Sources | Sky News Australia

By Adina Kutnicki 

THE crime of pedophilia is akin to none other; the crime of all crimes! Its poisons have a ripple-down effect, that is, from generation to generation — for the victims never fully recover from said dastardly, criminal deviance. As such, in one way or another, it amounts to a life-time sentence for the victim. For example,

and on and on the traumas reverberate. Never-ending.

IN this regard, last month, a decision was taken by JAG,

and off they went to snatch up the most high profile pedos, mostly, in political, media,  entertainment, and associated circles thereof. Beforehand, others were scooped up, but with pedo charges tacked atop treason and other piggyback national security offenses.

AND it is the above stand-alone charge, crimes against the kiddies, that led to the initial arrest of…

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