Government Funding Bill To Include OVER 12 BILLION In New Ukraine Aid. Ukraine Is a LOSER. DUMP IT!

The Mad Jewess

Government funding bill to include over $12 billion in new Ukraine aid

So far, we have sent 65 Billion to Ukraine after this 12 Billion more. You’d think that there would be some sort of return, right? Nope. Deal with it: God is AGAINST America and EU and for Russia.

God is BREAKING Europe &America thru Russia.It is what it is.

A government funding bill set for a Tuesday procedural vote in the Senate will include over $12 billion to help Ukraine continue fighting its bloody war against Russia, a source familiar with the matter told Fox News Digital.

The inclusion of the funding comes after President Biden requested $13.7 billion for Ukraine earlier this month. If the Senate bill passes, this latest tranche will bring the total funding for Ukraine approved by Congress up to approximately $65 billion.

Eff their Nazis In Ukraine.

Let them…

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