Thousands Of Sheep Running To A Stop-Sign: WHAT Is The Meaning?

The Mad Jewess

Thousands Of Sheep Running To A Stop Sign: WHAT Is The Meaning?

There are more than a few of these videos of sheep circling. There are even Turkeys doing the same, ditto reindeer and even ants. I am not referring to the circling sheep.

At any rate: God refers to his people as sheep many times throughout the Bible. So, I don’t believe this is a ‘coincidence’.


This below video in particular, I saw the meaning, straightaway. The problem with God’s people is that they are running to SIGNS (wonders & words) instead of looking to the BIBLE, Hashem/God and Yeshua/Jesus. They want signs but they do not want the maker OF the signs, words and wonders.

Another meaning tugged at me as well: It appears as if it is a “STOP SIGN”. What does that mean?STOP LOOKING AND…

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