POS Lindsey Graham still beating the drums of war


POS Lindsey Graham still beating the drums of war. Graham urging warplanes and other armaments to Zelenskyy’s Ukraine. Not content with his supporting Obama’s mid-east clusterfuck dubbed the Arab Spring (in reality the Arab or mid-east winter) Graham is pushing in Ukraine.

This is the same Lindsey Graham who along with John McCain and the Obama bunch favored US and NATO involvement in overthrowing Gadaffi in Libya and brought us the Benghazi debacle.

The same Lindsey Graham that wanted to infringe on our first amendment rights in favor of Islam and Moslems (Ann Barnhard) Burning a Korean not okay but silent on Moslems burning Christian persons in Obama’s Arab Winter. Keep in mind that it was Obama’s/America’s “freedom fighters” murdering Christians in Syria. It was Assad/Putin who the Christians turned to for protection not Obama.

Those that favor continued involvement in Ukraine…

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