Be Angry America and Remember Ashli Babbitt

The NeoConservative Christian Right

If you still watch the Dem-Marxist propaganda media mouthpieces (sadly including turncoat Republicans), you would the impression Ashli Babbitt was a seditious criminal. ALL LIES! Justin Smith sets the record straight on a true American Patriot!

JRH 1/11/21

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Be Angry America and Remember Ashli Babbitt  


Aaron and Ashli Babbitt


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 1/10/2021 10:08 PM

Originally Posted on Justin’s Facebook Page Under the title, “Going Home

There are many things to consider, when one looks upon this…

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Criminal Dems/RINOs Impeach Trump

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Why? Election Fraud MIGHT Bring a New Prez 1/20


By John R. Houk

© January 14, 2021

The Dems who are closer to Communism than at any point ever experienced in American history, have actually voted to impeach President Donald Trump with only a FEW days left until their criminal election victor Biden is inaugurated as the USA’s first Communist President.

This whole election cycle has proven one thing. A person with a “D” by their name or a supporter of the Dem-Marxist Party can commit election crimes with impunity and face ZERO consequences for those crimes from law enforcement or from State/Federal Courts.

BUT actual supporters of the rule of law and a President who had his election stolen (with proof refused to be observed any level of Court due to illicitly fabricated concepts of Standing) and get actively upset that nowhere came close the level…

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PM Netanyahu Offered Up Israelis As A “TESTING LABORATORY”, In EXCHANGE For Swift Delivery Of Covid-19 Vaccines:Who Gave Him Permission?At What (Human)Cost?By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

AS is said: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Alas, before anything else is put forth, know this: PM Netanyahu made a deal with a few devils in order to stock up, warp speed, on vaccinations. But at what (human) cost?

WHILE on its face it is also the case that to accomplish a bigger objective, oftentimes, dancing with certain devils may become a political necessity. Rational folks get that.

STIPULATED, the China virus must be dealt with and beaten back. But no leadership — for whatever reason — has the right to go behind the backs of the citizens and offer them up as “guinea pigs” in a “world laboratory experiment“, that is, without first asking for their permission! How dare he. Indeed, as an American-Israeli, this consent wasn’t given. Yes, now that the horses’ have escaped the barn door, the…

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Top Military Official: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop During Capitol Riot, POTUS READYING + INTEL UPDATE: INSURRECTION ACT SIGNED BY POTUS! [EXPLOSIVE VIDEOS]

Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, it is often “darkest before the dawn.” No more so than what is being witnessed before our horrified eyes, as patriots and lovers of liberty have come to know and understand. Indeed, its underlying, disturbing  basis is encapsulated within this writer’s analysis, today, at Israel National News: Washington in the hands of the Left: One blow at a time, but blows they are.

HOWEVER, it is along this trajectory of thinking and understanding, readers should view the following two links; one positive sign/signal after another — even if fearful of what is to come, that is, before the dawn of light shines bright, again. As the Jewish sage, Rabbi Nachman, intoned to his legion of faithful followers:

“The whole world is a narrow bridge; the most important thing is not to fear.”
“Know, too! a person must cross a very…

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Is Our Reaction to COVID Causing More Damage Than the Virus Itself?

Science with Dr. Doug

First, consider that 25% of young adults have seriously considered suicide in June of this year.

This virus is certainly not something to be taken lightly, but there is something to be said for the idea that our collective reaction to the virus may be more deadly than the virus itself.

A new report just published by the CDC, titled: “Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, June 24–30, 2020”, clearly demonstrates a radical shift in the mental health of U.S. citizens since the COVID-19 pandemic.

From 5,470 participants in the analysis which took place in June of this year, the following troubling conclusions were made:

* 41% of people were assessed to have at least one adverse mental disorder.

* 31% had symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder.

* 26% of people were diagnosed with a Trauma and Stressor Related Disorder (TSRD)…

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Are False Positives Systemic Or Isolated?

Science with Dr. Doug

A false positive is defined as when someone is actually negative for a target, but the diagnostic test measures this person as positive for the target. All tests have a false positive rate, and it’s expected that this rate should be as low as possible.

This report from Connecticut is very curious, indeed (links below). Out of 144 tests that were deemed positive, only 54 (38%) of those were real positives and 90 (62%) were actually negative (false positive).

Scientists at Connecticut’s public health laboratory identified that a test produced by Thermo Fisher Scientific was connected to these false positive results. This test is being used in many labs around the US. It has been reported to the FDA and to Thermo Fisher Scientific, with no explanation for the cause as of yet.

It’s curious because there is always a negative control included in these tests. The negative control serves…

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Enzymes in Humans are Mutating the Novel Coronavirus in an Accelerated Fashion to Make it Less Harmful.

Science with Dr. Doug


This is great news, and probably something that most people failed to recognize the significance of. This is a bit long, but keep reading. You’re going to love the punchline.

Viruses normally mutate over time due to random processes that result in their viral genetics being unfaithfully replicated. All viruses change over time, with coronaviruses demonstrating an intermediate mutation rate compared to other viruses. They’re not the fastest, and they’re not the slowest. This process is normally thought to be completely random and not directed in any way, with certain mutations being selected preferentially over others as the virus competes against other variants in the pool.

This process, when compounded over time, normally results in the mortality and health impact of the virus being “attenuated”, meaning that the virus moves towards becoming more benign. This is…

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Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb?

Science with Dr. Doug


I cannot predict how this article will be censored, so please join my email list below to receive my articles and to be notified when I write a new article.

To receive future articles, please join my email list below:

Will a vaccine to SARS-CoV-2 actually make the problem worse? Although not a certainty, all of the current data says that this prospect is a real possibility that needs to be paid careful attention to. If you stay with me, I’ll explain why.

First, let’s set aside the debate surrounding the topic of whether vaccines work and the negative health consequences due to the components of the vaccine. No matter where you stand on the vaccine issue, I’m not asking anyone to capitulate on this point. I’m just asking that this issue be set aside, because…

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Move Over Benedict Arnold

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Traitor-Pence Threatens Government Tyranny against Trump Patriots


John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© January 6, 2021

The pro-Communists in America’s once upon a time Two-Party System support the coup of election criminality then have the audacity to threaten Trump Patriots DAMN tired of corrupt government – including the Judiciary – to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Think of that … BLM and Antifa Communists beat up Trump supporters, commit vandalism, loot from businesses AND face near zero legal consequences! Dem-Marxist commit election treason and no Courts listen and State governments DO NOTHING!

Pence is a TRAITOR! Move over Benedict Arnold. By all indications of who holds the reins of power, Pence succeeds in betraying the Founders’ Republic where Benedict Arnold failed.  … UNLESS … WE THE PEOPLE refuse to bow down even in the face of the legal power of tyranny and corrupt bullets that…

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An Egregious Assault On Our Republic

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Intro to ‘An Egregious Assault On Our Republic

Intro by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

By Justin O. Smith

Posted January 9, 2021

The shot heard around the world in 1775 exploded into the Revolutionary War which ended British tyranny with victory:

On the night of April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops set off from Boston toward Concord, Massachusetts, in order to seize weapons and ammunition stockpiled there by American colonists. Early the next morning, the British reached Lexington, where approximately 70 minutemen had gathered on the village green. Someone suddenly fired a shot—it’s uncertain which side—and a melee ensued. When the brief clash ended, eight Americans lay dead and at least an equal amount were injured, while one redcoat was wounded. The British continued on to nearby Concord, where that same day they encountered armed resistance from a group of patriots at the town’s North Bridge…

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EXTRA! Revolution?

The Lone Cactus

In what only can be described as an attack on the United States Government, a group of people breached the Capitol in protest over allegedly Donald Trump’s presidential loss. Now, I need to say that first of all, no one has come out and said that it was indeed Trump’s supporters, but the people that were milling around the Capitol building were waving Trump 2020 flags, wearing Trump clothing. Donald Trump released a statement calling for the protesters to leave and stop the takeover. As I write this, there was one woman apparently shot, and is alive in critical condition. No word whether it was someone that was supposed to be in the Capitol, or one of the protesters.

From what I was able to see, several people were seen sitting behind the various desks of the Majority Leader on the Senate Floor, the Speaker’s position in the House, and…

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Time To Come Clean (Round 2)

The Lone Cactus

With all of the protest and taking over the Capitol that we saw yesterday, it hit me. Who is really to blame for all of this? There is only one person that is to blame for all of this, and this is going to anger some of you. To you I say put your big boys pants on. It’s time to grow up and be an adult.

Donald Trump is to blame.

The reason Trump is to blame for what happened at the US Capitol yesterday is simple. Instead of being conciliatory, instead of being an adult, he was a petulant child. He refused to concede an election that he lost. Over 42 different courts of law, at all levels (including the United States Supreme Court which has three Trump appointees) found that there was no “theft” of election as Trump intimated. Judges from four different presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama…

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What Is It With Trump And Phone Calls?

The Lone Cactus

I get it that Democrats want to twist the knife in Trump’s back right up to and probably after he’s left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I can understand that. What I really can’t understand is why he helps them do it. He did it again over the weekend with an extremely stupid phone call to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. I mean, I get it that Trump isn’t a politician. That’s part of the reason he was elected in 2016 in the first place, but c’mon. This call was just plain stupid.

In case you missed it, and if you have it’s out there for you to listen to (it might help to get your favorite adult beverage to sip on while you listen), Trump called Raffensperger and basically at one point asked him to find some 11,000 votes. Now, there was an awful lot more in the phone call…

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The Lone Cactus

When I was a child growing up, it was relatively easy to determine gender. All you had to do was look at your crotch. If you had something dangling down there, you were a male. If you didn’t you were a woman. When you had to fill out something that asked your sex, it was again, relatively easy. There were two choices. Today, you have eight. So, where did the rest of the choices come from? Were we visited by a race of aliens that procreated with the human race and we have several different genders now?


What we have is a group of uber-leftist liberals that don’t want anybody in the country to feel bad. They want to make sure that every person feels good about themselves. That includes those, mostly younger (though they transcend age) people that question their “gender identity”, and aren’t sure whether they are…

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Did Twitter cut its own throat in banning President Trump?

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Monica Showalter

Was banning President Trump good for Twitter, given its pious partisan reasons? Trump, after all, had tens of millions of followers, and getting rid of him means less traffic to the site. Did banning Trump enhance Twitter’s shareholder value? Or did it putTwitter a few steps closer to going the way of MySpace?

It’s too soon to say at this point, but there’s oodles of evidence thatthe picture isn’t pretty.

Take the company’s stock price. Which way did it go after they banned Trump? Down.

Here’s a thumbnail from a Google search of howits stock performed:

It went down 1.61% at the close of business yesterday, shortly after the news of its ban came out, and then went down nearly three times as much, losing 3.77% in the overseas and after-hours markets. This, on a day when mostsocial media companies were neither ina down dayor a…

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Big Tech PURGE Of Conservatives

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Michelle Obama Gave The Order for Big Tech to Delete President Trump From Social Media Platforms

Allah's Willing Executioners

It really is a thing to behold the Left’s active effort to send all the riots, unrest, and fires of the past several years down the memory hole. When Ferguson, Missouri, was set on fire by Black Lives Matter and Lisa Fithian-trained shock troops, no one called for Barack Obama to be taken off Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media.

However, his wife,Michelle Obama, this week called for the permanent removal of President Trump from all social media platforms because of Wednesday’s siege at the Capitol Building.

The next day he was.

Mrs. Obama took to Twitter, from which Trump is now bannedfrom two accounts, to complain about how her heart was hurting that people laid siege to the Capitol Building. Mind you, a woman who only became proud of her country for the first time only because millions of Americans voted for her husband had…

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Adina Kutnicki

AS an American-Israeli investigative journalist, these eyes are continuously fixed in two directions: Washington and Jerusalem. This is so because what takes place in one capital affects the other. Like it or not. Effectively, since one is viewed by the enemies of western civilization as the “Big Satan” and the other is deemed as its equally “guilty” counterpart, the “Little Satan”, well, they are judged as “twin devils” worthy of extermination. It is what it is.
BUT it is this warped duality which necessitates that all lovers of freedom, regardless of locale, react extra judiciously and non-emotionally – that is, when examining the devastating fall-out of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, in tandem with Congress’s two-Chamber takeover by the fascist left; a trifecta storm! A horror show.
IN this regard, the precipitous dangers awaiting America dare not be underestimated, nor wished away. The very fact that the powers that be…

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BREAKING: ARTURO D’ELIA CAUGHT: Head Of Italian Aerospace Company’s IT Department Used ‘Military Grade Cyber Warfare’ To Switch Votes ‘For Trump To Biden’ – ADMISSION VIA SWORN AFFIDAVIT! HOW DID HE DO IT? WHO WERE HIS HANDLERS? VIDEO EVIDENCE – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


WHEN history is written, this moment in time will stand out as pivotal. Epic. Such is the gravity of the #2020electoral steal!

IN this regard, while an avalanche of evidence has been unveiled at this site and elsewhere, it is beyond imperative to listen to, to absorb, and to pay forward the below video, as well as to read the attached report and sworn affidavit, that is, before its entirety goes down the (censorship) rabbit hole. Poof-like.

ENOUGH said. 

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦


Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court; He and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race

Rome, Italy (January 5, 2021) – An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election. Corroborating…

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Adina Kutnicki


IT is not for nothing that deep-state DemocRAT Mafia operatives, in tandem with Republican Swamp Creatures, are beyond desperate to immediately, without delay, remove President Trump. Ask yourselves: WHY??

SO much so, they are SCREAMING: Invoke the 25th Amendment! If that doesn’t work out, yes, they have a back-up plan — Articles of Impeachment are being drawn up, just in case. Incontestably, every measure to forcibly strip him of his lawful powers — that is, with, supposedly, only a few days left in office — is being enacted at a feverish pace. Hmm.

NOT only that, of course, they also understand that forcibly cutting his tenure short will only serve to further alienate and enrage his base. Moreover, they are piling on one incitement after another — by facilitating the TOTAL purging/banishing of conservatives from social media and every media outlet in between…

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Joe Biden 001 (Video)

Joe Biden 001 (Video)


Joe Biden an illegitimate POTUS. Banana Republic USA.

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How Government Helps Big Tech SUPPRESS Dissent

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Ted Cruz: Google is the most dangerous company on the face of the planet

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BACKROOM DEAL: Pence, McCarthy, Pelosi, McConnell Plan To End January 6 Challenge After 2 Hour Debate – Sources – ET TU, MIKE? WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON? [VIDEO] By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


JUST as the nation approaches the bewitching hour, in a manner of speaking, a few core truths are coming into sharp relief — much of which revolve around Mike Pence’s loyalty to the Constitution he swore to uphold and the rule of law, or not.

EFFECTIVELY, once the markers are all drilled down, the two-part question becomes: Will the VP certify the vote for a fraudulently “elected” POTUS, the most powerful position in the world, or will he deny the DemocRAT Mafia the ability to impose their will, that is, by all lawful measures accrued to him via the Constitution? Heady stuff. A matter of epic proportions.

BUT the very fact that his loyalty is being questioned is not for nothing. Indeed, Rep. Gohmert, a most serious and judicious man, felt compelled to file a lawsuit against Pence. Why? Regardless of this and…

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Significant numbers of German nursing staff refusing Covid-19 vaccine

Allah's Willing Executioners

For a large number of old people in nursing homes, a Corona vaccination is likely to be given a little earlier than expected. That is because about half of the nursing staff in Germany have decided to forego the “privilege” of being vaccinated against Corona first.

German weekly Spiegelcitedinformation from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. According to the report, fear of the vaccine isprevalentin the industry: no one wants to be a “guinea pig”.

This is despite the fact that German Health Minister Jens Spahn had tried hard very hard to sell the vaccine. At a press conference in Berlin, the health minister said, according toÄrzteZeitung: “It’s a matter of common sense. People who work in the healthcare sector have a special responsibility. It’s about protecting the people you care for.”

His warning has obviously been of little use. While nursing staff…

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Precarious US, Iranian Military Buildup on Eve of Soleimani Killing Anniversary – COULD THIS BE TIED INTO: Potential Iranian Assassin Plot Triggered Trump’s Departure Of Mar-A-Lago? By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


THOSE of us steeped in the bloody muck of Islamic Jihad and its netherworld of proxy terror, coupled with a solid grounding in geo-politics — more specifically, the linkages between Islamic/green forces and revolutionary/reds —  are better positioned to recognize the signs and to connect the dots to various hydra-like entities.

IN this regard, know this: The long and short arms of Iran’s proxy forces have a decades-long presence throughout the world. No more so than within its Latin American forward bases — in tandem with deeply burrowed terror cells scattered throughout the United States. Take it to the bank.

AS such, when one calibrates the (more than likely) truth behind the report of an Iranian hit placed on President Trump — thus, causing his abrupt return from Mar-A-Lago to the (highly fortified) White House — well, the following analysis from (Jerusalem-based) DEBKAFILE Military Intelligence…

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ISRAEL’S DERELICT LEADERS; A MIRROR IMAGE OF U.S. COUNTERPARTS – Elderly Lives ‘Sacrificed’: Nursing Home COVID Testing Falters + Israel’s One Millionth COVID Vaccine Given to Murderer, Pictured With Bibi – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki



AS an American-Israeli — proudly counted among the so-called “deplorables”, as well as Israel’s right-wing Zionist faction — there is no patience for political/elitist liars, as if their words are derived and delivered from Mount Sinai. Understood?  

IT is this insistence on straight-talk which can be found throughout a compendium of this writer’s body of work, that is, investigative journalism. Simply put, the mantra within is: Let the crap hit the fan, wherever it lands. Naturally, this elicits much anger from many quarters. Who cares.

AS such, even while fellow patriots are up in arms over the “weaponization” of covid stats — throughout the echelons of the DemocRAT Mafia and their mouthpieces in the corporate media complex — adding insult to injury, they are forced to beat back against the theft of the century; the electoral steal! Similarly, Israelis are fed up with…

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The Nashville Bombing – Surreal Christmas 2020

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Intro to Smith ‘The Nashville Bombing – Surreal Christmas 2020’


Intro by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

By Justin O. Smith

Posted December 28, 2020

Nashville Blast Site 12/25/20 – Photo of Anthony Quinn Warner embedded into photo by Blog Editor (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey [Photo via Fox News])

On Christmas morning 2020 a horrific blast destroyed a building in downtown Nashville. Early reports indicated no accident was involved and the explosion was intentional. THEN the facts, the speculation and so far, the motive is quite murky. The FBI wasted little time in throwing suspicion on a 63-year-old man – Anthony Quinn Warner ( uses Snopes to debunk Conspiracy Theories yet Snopes consistently lies for the Left. I’m inclined to NOT believe Snopes if they say the sun is out at noon and the moon is visible at midnight). The tissue remains from the blast has…

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The Mad Jewess


A Tweeter named Edward Jones,4 days agotweeted this:

“Four Days Before The Bombing In Nashville Near The AT&T Building, American Patriot Alleged That AT&T Got The Contract To Do The Forensic Audit On The Dominion Voting Machines And That They Are Transported To Nashville’: Click and go to this post.Hat Tip- TIFA

Inquiring minds would like to know…

And, then there is this:

Nashville explosion was actually a missile strike, and the target was the AT&T / NSA hardened switching facility “spy hub”

I don’t know. Just letting you search out this matter for yourself. I do know that the Left is going out of its way to make sure votes are not audited, though. Why is that? If they are innocent?


PS: Anyone really think an amateur did this much…

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Half Of One Of My Recent Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing)

The Mad Jewess

Half Of One Of My Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing)

I believe that God gives dreams to warn of possible events ahead. In Joel 2: 28 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

SO:With dreams, you only know ‘in part’ because you are in a spiritual realm. Many times, there are symbolic messages IN the dream also.

Here is the first dream I had-December 9th 2020:

I was walking down the street of a very robust city somewhere in America. I was with my sister. As we were walking, we looked up at a very large Chinese style building. As we watched the tiny figures of people walking thru the floors of this building, a LARGE bomb hit the building and leveled it…

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And, Now? #MASKSQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny

The Mad Jewess

MASKS SQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny.

It seems that MANY Americans enjoy tyranny and tyrants. Anytime I pass a person all keyed up over someone not wearing a mask (but the keyed up person is in a mask), I see a little tyrant.

In a way, the Mask Nazi’s have made life easier. I now know WHO to stay away from. Anyone who feels the need to RAT on their fellow citizens.. I really want no part of. Because inside of that person is a Napoleonic tyrant just dying to come out.

Americans are not freedom lovers anymore.


They can yell and holler “FREEDOM”, but they don’t care about liberty. As long as someone is ‘protecting’ an American person, they feel good. Americans do not mind being mugged by TSA at the airport because that makes…

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