With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A #SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

The Mad Jewess

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A#SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

Soros is busing them in, probably –  See – Mighty 990


“Hundreds of more protestors that are arriving to the city via the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport,” he said, “so if that report that I’m hearing is accurate, we could see more bodies in the street, which could lead to more violence tonight.”

This could possibly be the worst summer that there has ever been.  It’s right before an election.  Communist Democrats hate Trump no matter what he does.  I’m not ‘ra ra ra’ Trump…but they hate his guts…Soros is licking his chops and salivating waiting on blood and death.

I hope it does not get insane in Atlanta:

Gone is the Coronavirus and to divert attention off  what a hoax the Communist Democrat party made of the whole mess, destroying the economy, leaving 35 mil without…

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The Pro #GeorgeFloyd Mob Is Destroying #CNN HQ In Atlanta. No Loss

The Mad Jewess

The Pro #GeorgeFloyd Mob Is Destroying #CNN HQ In Atlanta. No Loss

490EF491-1EB8-4710-99B6-3D8B008935A7It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood..what could be better than Leftist and Leftist blacks charring Leftist cities👍😛👍👌

Oh well…Too bad, so sad. Leftists destroying fake news, Commie HQ’s.  
Poor George Floyd tho…he seemed to be a nice person. Im sure he would not have wanted this.  
But, as long as these rat bastards are hurting a CNN building…Its all good.

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Will Biden’s Class-Warfare Tax Plan Lead to an Exodus of Job Creators?

International Liberty

After Barack Obama took office (and especially after he was reelected), there was a big uptick in the number of rich people who chose to emigrate from the United States.

There are many reasons wealthy people choose to move from one nation to another, but Obama’s embrace of class-warfare tax policy (including FATCA) was seen as a big factor.

Joe Biden’s tax agenda is significantly more punitive than Obama’s, so we may see something similar happen if he wins the 2020 election.

Given the economic importance of innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors, this would be not be good news for the American economy.

The New York Timesreported late last year that the United States could be shooting itself in the foot by discouraging wealthy residents.

…a different group of Americans say they are considering leaving — people of both parties who would be hit by the…

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Coronavirus and Gun Ownership

International Liberty

Back in March, I explained that the coronavirus pandemic showed why it’s so valuable for people to have the right of gun ownership.

Let’s revisit the topic and we’ll start with the bad news. As illustrated by this Reasonvideo, Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to exploit the crisis by imposing sweeping limits on our civil liberties guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

The good news is that the Trump Administration has been working to make it easier for people to exercise their right to gun ownership.

Licensed gun stores can do drive-thru sales of firearms or sell them out of their parking lots, the Trump administration said…in new guidance designed to facilitate purchases without forcing buyers to enter confined establishments during the coronavirus pandemic. …The only demand is that the required records from transactions still be stored safely inside the building. …Firearms sales have been one of the flashpoints…

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Rep. Omar’s Anti-American, Criminally-Inciting Daughter….The Apple & The Tree….RIOTS: Ilhan Omar and Her Daughter Encourage Chaos and Mayhem in the Minnesota Streets – By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

{Published at AmericasCivilWarRising.org}

INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIIf anyone is foolish enough to believe that (one of) the spawn of anti-American, pro-jihadi Rep. Omar “misspoke” in her overt support for the continued mayhem, chaos, arson, and total destruction of Minneapolis, one would be deadly wrong! In fact, just last week, as the nation celebrated Memorial Day, Omar’s wretched daughter called U.S. soldiers bitches, yes, bitches! Hey, devil-spawn, tell us what you really think!!

But before we go any further re the aforementioned she-devil, let’s be very clear: The officer involved in the death should be sent to prison, after all, they caught him dead to rights! But make no mistake: The burning down of a city has zero justification. Zero. For if such was the case, how many cities would be aflame for the killing of Jews just because they were Jews — by many blacks, no…

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28 May 2020 – President Trump puts a leash on Social media – media goes berserk

Politics Religion and Family

Twitter silences free speech.  Therefore, the only way to square that is to silence the silencers.  The wrong is to silence, therefore to correct the wrong is to USE that wrong against the one perpetrating it.  Choosing any other way, at this type of evil will never square the wrong.  GOOD vs EVIL.  Moral vs Immoral.  Constitutional vs UN-Constitutional.

People often say two wrongs don’t make a right.  However, President Trump is NOT silencing Twitter.  Twitter has free speech.  They only thing that he is doing is UNDOING what they have chosen to impose.  Therefore, he is not silencing them.  He is using the EVIL that THEY created to REMOVE THAT said EVIL.  It’s out of THEIR mouths that this Order is coming.  Not unlike Pharaoh, who declare Israel’s first born to be killed, rather god had said prior that it will be PHARAOH that chooses the NEXT plague.


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Twitter Fact-Checking Trump Perhaps Leads to Conservative Free Speech

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Posted May 28, 2020

FINALLY! Conservative Free Speech is about to be protected from Leftists twisting facts to fit their agenda to fundamentally transform America. Free Speech loving Conservatives ironically can thank Jack Dorsey’s Twitter for placing a twisted fact checking banner on a President Trump tweet about the corruption often linked to mail-in balloting touting only the Leftist line claiming mail-in ballot safety.

JRH 5/28/20

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Trump Takes on Social-Media Censorship

The president will sign an executive order aimed at preventing leftist speech suppression.


Twitter Censors Free Speech


By Thomas Gallatin

May 28, 2020

The Patriot…

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