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90% of abducted Nigerian girls are Christians; jihadists released Muslim girls & the real war on women

I have said time and time again that there is no place fr Islam outside of Muslim countries. We should abandon them to their own devices and they will exterminate themselves. I am not saying that we should not allow … Continue reading

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Catholic Churches Destroyed and Christians Persecuted By Muslim Oppressors In Nigeria via Kafir Crusaders

Via Kafir Crusaders The west remains silent while at the same time are crying about Muslim deaths in Syria. They also remain silent about Christian persecution and genocide in Syria by the FSA who they are arming and supporting. WTF … Continue reading

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Lands Drenched in Innocent Blood: Boko Haram Declares War Against Christians

When will Christians wake up, stand together and fight Islam? Western so-called leaders are concerned with the well-being of Muslims in Syria and the Palestinians but won’t lift a finger to help our Christian brothers and sisters who are being … Continue reading

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